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The hazel tree is a deciduous tree that grows about 20 feet tall. It has small, rounded leaves and can be found in forests, on the edges of fields and even in urban areas. The hazel nut is edible for humans and animals alike.

The hazelnut is native to Europe and Asia but was introduced into North America by Europeans after Columbus arrived there in 1492 AD (when European settlers began settling). Today there are more than 30 varieties of hazelnuts grown worldwide; some with higher yields than others depending on climate conditions during their growth season (which usually lasts from June through September).

Color: green in Spring and Summer, turning golden yellow before falling off during Autumn harvest. Flowering time: April through June (depending on location). Fruit ripening time: August through October (depending on location). Size at maturity: 3-5 feet tall with branches that spread outwards from trunk; some varieties may reach up to 10 feet in height.

Harvesting Hazelnuts: The hazel nut is a member of the birch family and grows on trees that can reach up to 20 feet tall. The tree produces small nuts which are usually used in baking or chocolate making. Hazels are grown throughout Europe (including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal), Asia (including China, Japan), North America (Canada and USA) as well as Australia.

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